Sweet Synchronicity

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So far, this trip to my second major rock festival of the summer has been filled with sweet synchronicity.

First, I had no trouble finding a ride in from the friendly people on the Infobury boards, and then yesterday, when I arrived at our room in a Grand Rapids hotel, I discovered that we were staying in Room 311--with 311 (pictured above) being one of the bands headlining the forthcoming festival. I hadn't even planned on catching that set, but now I probably need to.

My stepson says I am "crazy" for a 40-year-old, for needing to catch Bonnaroo and Rothbury in the same summer. Well, I cannot argue.

Thinking about this, my head still spins from all great sets and sweet love I experienced in Manchester just 16 days ago.

Looking for the threads to remind me why this magic trip came together, I look to the artists on the bill that sealed the desire in early spring: Michael Franti & Spearhead with the revolutionary dance party for the powerfully peaceful; Black Keys with their rusty blues to keep something rooted and midwestern about the escape of the weekend; STS9 & all the live/electronic hybrid acts who will keep us awake and dancing to the wee hours each night. Before leaving, I kept thinking about Sam Beam who was actually at Bonnaroo and how his softly mesmerizing music was probably worth the journey on its own terms.

I hope I can post every day this week. Two days to go.


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